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Epic Games releases free 3D scanning app RealityScan

Epic Games releases free 3D scanning app RealityScan

Monday, April 4th, 2022 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Epic Games has released RealityScan, a free photogrammetry app that turns smartphone photos of real-world objects into textured 3D models for use in augmented reality, game development or general 3D work.

The app, which “takes what people love” about Epic’s RealityCapture photogrammetry software and “puts it in the hands of anyone with a smartphone”, is currently available in limited beta via Apple’s TestFlight service.

Free iOS app makes high-quality photogrammetry available to anyone with a smartphone
Developed in collaboration with Epic Games subsididary Quixel, responsible for the Megascans library of scanned 3D assets, RealityScan promises “fast and easy scanning” from standard consumer smartphones.

The app is intended to make the 3D scanning capabilities of tools like RealityCapture, the professional photogrammetry software that Epic acquired last year, accessible to hobbyists as well as DCC professionals.

Epic hasn’t yet released any written documentation, but the blog post on its CapturingReality website promises that users will be walked through the scanning process “with real-time feedback and AR guidance”.

The video at the top of the story shows a workflow similar to that in commercial scanning apps like Polycam, with a user capturing the source data for a model simply by filming it as they move around it.

According to Epic, RealityScan lets users check the quality of the data captured “without the need for long wait times”.

Once generated, 3D models can be uploaded to Sketchfab, the Epic-owned online model-sharing platform.

We’ve contacted Epic to ask whether models can be exported directly for use in other DCC applications, and for more details about the accuracy and resolution of the scans generated, and will update if we hear back.

System requirements and availability
RealityScan is currently available free in beta. Epic Games hasn’t announced a final release date yet.

The initial beta program is limited to the first 10,000 people who sign up through Apple’s TestFlight, so you will need an iPad or iPhone running iOS 13+ or iPadOS 13+. An Android version will follow later this year.

Read more about RealityScan on Epic Games’ CapturingReality website

Sign up for the limited beta of RealityScan via Testflight

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