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Sneak peek: Corona 9

Sneak peek: Corona 9

Monday, September 5th, 2022 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Chaos Czech has posted a sneak peek at Corona 9, the next major version of its production renderer for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, currently due for release in October 2022.

The update adds new procedural clouds and geometry replication systems, and improves material overrides, the fisheye camera, and the display of Corona materials in the 3ds Max viewport.

Chaos Scatter 2, the next version of Chaos’s object scattering tool, is also due to ship alongside Corona 9.

Mainly a workflow update, but includes the main new features from V-Ray 6
Chaos Czech’s public roadmap describes Corona 9 as focused on “bugfixing, polishing existing features [and] code maintenance”, so it isn’t intended to be a major feature release.

Its two main new features will come as little surprise to anyone who follows the development of Chaos’s other software, since they’re also the main features in V-Ray 6, released earlier this year.

The first, procedural clouds, is based on technology from Enscape, with which Chaos merged this year.

In Corona, cloud generation is compatible with LightMix, the software’s relighting system, making it possible to render multiple sets of clouds at once, then blend them in LightMix.

The second is a new geometry replication system, called Enmesh in V-Ray, but known here as the Corona Pattern modifier.

It covers the surface of an object with repeating geometry, in a way analogous to tiling a texture, but unlike instancing, no extra memory is used by the repeating geometry: only by the source mesh.

Suggested use cases range from chain link fences to woven fabrics.


Improvements to material overrides, the fisheye camera and 3ds Max viewport display
Improvements to existing Corona features include the option to preserve settings for bump, opacity and the Corona Slicer material when using the Material Override system.

Corona’s fisheye camera gets support for depth of field.

3ds Max users also get better support for Corona materials when using the High Quality setting for the 3ds Max viewport.

RaySwitchMtl, FrontBackTex, SelectTex, RaySwitchTex should all now be supported, along with textures connected to CoronaPhysicalMtl, CoronaLegacyMtl, CoronaSkinMtl and CoronaHairMtl.

Corona Converter, the renderer’s automatic material-conversion system, gets improved conversion of metal and refractive materials.

Release of Chaos Scatter 2 ‘tied to Corona 9’
Other changes listed in the roadmap, but not yet available in daily builds of the software, include a camera motion blur shutter curve, and support for out-of-core rendering for textures.

In addition, Scatter 2, the latest version of Chaos’s new standalone object scattering system, is currently due to ship alongside Corona 9.

Again, it’s mainly a bugfix and performance update, but new features in development include support for edge trimming.

Pricing, system requirements and release date
Corona 9 is due for release in October 2022 for 3ds Max 2016+ and Cinema 4D R17+.

The current stable release, Corona 8, is available for 64-bit 3ds Max 2014+ running on Windows 7+ and Cinema 4D R14+ running on Windows 7+ or macOS 10.14+.

Subscriptions cost €40/month ($40/month) or €280/year ($277/year). Perpetual ‘Box’ licences of the 3ds Max edition are no longer listed on Chaos Czech’s website, but are still available on request.

Read a full list of new features in daily builds of Corona 9 for 3ds Max on Chaos Czech’s forum

Read a full list of new features in daily builds of Corona 9 for Cinema 4D on Chaos Czech’s forum

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