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Download ActionVFX’s 5 free snow effects clips

Download ActionVFX’s 5 free snow effects clips

Sunday, May 29th, 2022 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Stock practical effects site ActionVFX has released its Free – Snow FX collection: five physical effects clips of falling snow.

The clips, which show snowfall of varying intensities, were shot practically, and are provided in ProRes 422 LT format at 1080p (full HD) resolution at 24fps. All of the clips are licenced for use in commercial projects.

The collection is the second free set of snow-themed resources that ActionVFX has released this year, having made a set of 49 free snow textures available for download in Februrary.

Commercial collections cover all common types of stock effects
ActionVFX also has a range of commercial effects clips available to buy for visual effects work, including fire, explosions, dust, smoke, water, gunshots and blood splatters.

Download ActionVFX’s three new collections of stock effects clips and textures

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