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Download custom Houdini tools from Project Titan

Download custom Houdini tools from Project Titan

Thursday, February 10th, 2022 | Posted by Jim Thacker

SideFX has begun releasing the custom Houdini tools it developed for Project Titan, its in-house tech demo intended to test workflows for building 3D environments inside Unreal Engine 5 from procedural 3D content.

The tools generate environment assets like buildings, scaffolding and cables as procedural Houdini assets, which can then be imported into the game engine via the Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine 5 plugin.

The first tool from the project, the Cable Tool, is now available for download, alongside the alpha build of the Unreal Engine 5 plugin.


Project Titan: building next-gen game environments in UE5 with procedural Houdini content
Unveiled last month, Project Titan is SideFX’s new in-house tech demo designed to test procedural workflows for creating 3D environment content inside Houdini that can then be used in Unreal Engine 5.

To populate the videogame-style environment – a noctural, neon-lit industrial scene – SideFX used stock geometry from kitbashing asset library KitBash3D, along with 19 custom procedural tools.

The tools generate procedural 3D assets like buildings, billboards, fences, cables and scaffolding that can be further dressed with procedural cloth or vegetation.

The resulting Houdini Digital Assets can then be imported into and edited inside the game engine using SideFX’s work-in-progress Houdini Engine integration plugin for Unreal Engine 5.


Download the custom Houdini tools from Project Titan, beginning with the Cable Tool
SideFX has now begun releasing those custom tools, along with multi-part video tutorials explaining how they were created, with accompanying Houdini project files.

The first to be made available publicly is the Cable Tool, which can be used to create twisting bundles of cables, as shown in the video above.

More of the Project Titan tools will be released via the Tutorials section of SideFX’s website in future.

Pricing and system requirements
The Project Titan Cable tool is available free as a Houdini .hip file and a .hda file that can be imported and edited in DCC tools compatible with Unreal Engine, including 3ds Max, Maya, Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

To use the .hda inside Unreal Engine 5, you will need the Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine 5 plugin. It’s in alpha, so you currently have to build it manually from the source code.

Unreal Engine 5 itself is available in early access.

Houdini and Houdini Engine are both commercial products: you can find current pricing here.

Download SideFX’s Project Titan Cable Tool and watch video tutorials explaining how it was created

Find the source code for Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine – Version 2
(Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine 5)

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