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Watch the first demo video of JangaFX’s LiquiGen

Watch the first demo video of JangaFX’s LiquiGen

Friday, January 21st, 2022 | Posted by Jim Thacker

JangaFX has posted the first public demo of LiquiGen, its much-anticipated real-time fluid simulation software, showing screen-capture footage of a simulation running inside the LiquiGen viewport.

A counterpart to EmberGen for simulating liquids rather than smoke and fire
First announced in 2020, and then scheduled for release in 2021, LiquiGen is a counterpart to EmberGen, JangaFX’s popular real-time gaseous fluid simulation software, but for liquids rather than fire and smoke.

The news caused a lot of interest on community websites, with users hoping that the software would provide a faster, more interactive alternative to existing fluid simulation software like RealFlow.

A simple but smooth-looking initial R&D demo
The initial demo is simple – a low-viscosity fluid splashing around within a small containing volume as the gravity in the scene changes – and there’s no information about the hardware it’s running on.

However, the motion of the fluid itself looks smooth. JangaFX’s tweet notes that “we still have a ways to go to make this a production ready tool but our R&D is very promising!”

Pricing, system requirements and release date
JangaFX hasn’t announced pricing, system requirements or a release date for LiquiGen yet.

EmberGen is officially still in beta: the current release, EmberGen 0.7.5, is available for Windows 10 only.

Indie subscriptions, for artists with revenue under $1 million/year, cost $24.99/month or $239.99/year, with users qualifying for a perpetual licence after 12 months. See more pricing options here.

Visit JangaFX’s website

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