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Chaos ends V-Ray for Modo

Chaos ends V-Ray for Modo

Friday, December 24th, 2021 | Posted by Jim Thacker

A V-Ray for Modo render created by Pixelwerk. Chaos is discontinuing the Modo edition of the renderer.

Chaos is discontinuing V-Ray for Modo, the edition of the renderer for Foundry’s 3D modelling software.

Sales of new licences and maintenance contracts from Chaos’s own online store have already stopped, with sales via resellers ending on 20 January 2022.

Builds of the software will continue to be available from the downloads section of Chaos’s website until 31 December 2022, although the software will no longer receive updates.

End of a five-year product lifespan
First released in 2016, V-Ray for Modo was in active development for several years, but had not received a major release since 2019’s V-Ray Next for Modo: it was not updated to V-Ray 5, the current version.

Chaos’s forum post announcing the news doesn’t give a reason for the discontinuation, other than that “some products eventually reach their natural end of life”.

V-Ray for Nuke still in active development, but no recent updates to V-Ray for Katana
Of the editions of V-Ray for Foundry’s other software, V-Ray for Nuke is still in active development, with V-Ray 5.2 for Nuke shipping earlier this month.

V-Ray for Katana was last updated in 2019 and is not available in Foundry’s online store, although it we can’t find any announcements about it on Chaos’s forum, and it is still listed on some resellers’ websites.

Read Chaos’s announcement that it is discontinuing V-Ray for Modo on the product forum

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